The Importance Of Healthy Digestion

The process of digestion in the human body can be explained as the breaking down of large food molecules that are insoluble into smaller sized water-soluble molecules. This enables the watery blood plasma to absorb these particles faster. In human beings, it takes around one to two hours for the food to be completely digested. According to the experts at Patriot Health Alliance, the food digestion in human beings is deemed to be quite complex. At, the experts stress on how poor digestion can be the cause of many medical health issues.

If the digestion process hits an obstacle, it can result in any kind of disorder to arise. Some of the more commonly known diseases associated with poor digestions are:
o Crohn’s Disease
o Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS
o Allergies
o Acid Reflux
o Asthma
o Colitis

Digestion is an essential part of your wellbeing. Without proper digestion, your body will not receive the required nourishment to perform well. This also causes your stress levels to rise and vice versa. As your stress levels rise, they have an impact on your digestion and can prevent your body from getting the nutrients it needs. Emotions like anger, anxiety and worry have a deep-rooted connection with digestion. It can lead you to suffer from different medical issues like constipation, bloating, diarrhea, gas, upset tummy, nausea and so on.

The food that you eat also plays a role in how the digestion process pans out in your body, with the increase in usage of pesticides and insecticides in growing vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, this tends to be included in your food intake as well if it has not been washed or cleaned properly. This can lead to further digestion complications. Commercially available food is also laden with plenty of chemicals, growth hormones, food coloring, additives and antibiotics. This can lead to hormonal balances in the human body and affect the immunity system, making the body vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and maladies. Choosing organically grown crops can help overcome this problem in a big way. People also need to start moving away from easy to eat commercially available food and try to stick to homemade food to improve their digestive health. Most cases of medical issue related to digestion often arise due to food that has been consumed from outside where proper practices are not followed in relation to making clean and healthy food.

According to the medical professionals, in case you get struck by a case of digestion, the first step is to have light meals that can help you get strength and be easy on the stomach as well. Some of the recommended dishes that you can have a light meal include soups, a simple protein drink, a rice porridge, a bowl of oats, coconut water, any smoothie made with greens, etc. All the above-mentioned foods can be easily consumed. The body is also able to absorb nutrients easily from there, making it easier for you to get back on your feet.