A Look at Self-Luminous Exit Signs for Stairways

for Stairways

The self-luminous signs serve as a glow in the dark signal. It is also referred as self-illuminated tritium signs and photoluminescent signs. It will always remain on though there is no electricity. It is the most dependable exit sign in the present scenario. It does not require a battery or ambient light source. It is completely self-contained and functions on photoluminescence. It helps in illuminating the letters and instructions of the sign board.

Why install photoluminescent or Self Luminous Exit Signs for Stairways?

In Washington, the City of Bellevue requires self-luminous exit signs in the staircase. It is used for identification purpose. It helps the people to see the floor and walk confidently. It is difficult to walk in a dark area. Imagine you have to reach the tenth floor or the fifteenth floor without any floor light or power source. The self-luminous exit signs can be installed on the floors. It provides lighting during dark conditions. It is important to install in the construction phase itself. It should meet the city building codes and safety specifications.

Some leading manufacturers produce high-quality self-luminous exit signs and offer at a reasonable price. The business owners, property managers, contractors, and builders have a lot of options and choices to choose. They have to check whether it is suitable for their building and the stairways background. Some of the features of the self-luminous signs are:

Engrave, braille, tactile and vinyl lettering and numbering options available
Made using non-radioactive chemical light resource
It is fabricated according to the client’s requirements
It can be customized to meet the needs of the building and the inspector
Independent laboratories test the sign substrates to ensure that it meets photoluminescent standards

The self-luminous exit sign companies ensure to meet the city codes and help to keep your building operational and safe. They will design the signage according to your building needs.

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