Coolest Dice Bags In The World


Many people keep on searching best dice to roll, and it is necessary to have a look at the little dice pouches that will be very handy in order to carry these dice in a safe manner. Here is some useful information about the various types of dice bags available in the market. Many people might not be aware of the fact these dice bags have very good varieties and colors in it. The most preferred type of dice bags in the market is the dragon scale dice bags. This type of bag will be highly attractive and impressive in nature. So it will be very difficult to ignore them.

The specialty of this dragon scale dice bags is that it will be hand knitted and not machine made like the other bags. The scale like materials used in the bag is made of aluminum. Usually, this material will be bent and shaped into the scale shape. The hand knitting of this bag gives the spectacular look to the bag. Though this bag might look a bit hard from outside the interiors of this bag will be very soft so that the dice will not be damaged due to the hard scale like features used on the exteriors.

Usually, a plastic circle will be used in the basement of the bag so that the shape of it will be maintained in a proper manner. The string on the top will be made of leather, and this will be very handy in order to close the top of the bag in an efficient manner. The hand knitting of the bag makes this product a bit expensive when compared to the other brands. Normally, this type of bags rate will vary on the basis of the size of the bags so in order to get this type of bags at a reasonable price it will be a good idea to opt small bags that can hold just two sets of dice in it. Though this bag will also be attractive, it will not be epic as the bigger ones. Some types of dragon scale bags are listed below have a look at it to know better about the dragon scale dice bags.

Large Black Dragon Scale Bags: The large black dragon scale dice bags are considered to be one of the coolest bags in the world. The scales used in this bag are made of special black anodized aluminum, and the knitting will be done with the help of black threads. These scales will be available only on the exterior of the bags, and the interior will be made of soft materials. If required, the plastic disc situated below shall be removed.

Large Green Dragon Scale Dice Bag: This bag will be similar to the black scale dragon bag as just the color of the scale will be differing to be green. Usually, 100 standard dice of 16 mm size can be contained in this type of bag comfortably. In case, if a person wants to get these bags at a lower price, then it will be better to go for smaller sized bags.