Factors Affecting Document Shredding Price and Cost


The best way to manage sensitive paper waste and documents is by shredding them. Shredding is environmentally safer than incineration or dumping into dustbins. There are several companies that offer paper and document shredding services in many localities or states. Many of these companies work around the clock to offer their services to industries and offices. About the shredding of sensitive materials like cassettes, tapes, disks, computers etc., one can call on the paper shredding companies as they offer service in the area also.

Buying a personal shredding machine is good but costly, and sometimes affects productivity. It is many a time better to employ the services of a shredding company. However, in employing their services, it is noteworthy that one evaluates the cost involved.

Factors that affect shredding price and cost include; the type of material to be shredded, the size, weight or quantity, the sensitivity of the material and the type of shredding services preferred.

It is quite costly shredding documents that are rated highly sensitive. Such materials sometimes demand that shredding is done on-site. Shredding materials that will require the use of sophisticated shredders will cost more than shredding merely papers and documents.

Should the cost involved in shredding influence the decision on the type of shredding company one should go in for? There are weightier considerations to note than just cost. The security of the type of document or material is usually paramount. It is better to go in for a more expensive company with a good track record than go in for an affordable one that can cost you millions of dollars in the end.

The expertise of the company to be contracted is very important. The type of personnel handling the documents or materials and their level of professionalism are also important. The company’s service should meet the business’s requirements and needs.

The type of shredding service affects the cost as well; be it a one-off service, regular shredding service (scheduled), an on-site service or an off-site service.