Know about the Self Luminous Emergency Exit Signs

Are you planning to install self luminous emergency exit signs in your building or commercial complex? Do you know the benefits and value of such useful and latest exit signs? Well, you have landed the right page. Now we are going to discuss the features and uses of self luminous emergency exit signs. It is the best safety equipment that works without using electricity. It produces bright non-electrical lights on its own through a chemical process. It is highly cost effective, and there is no need to spend on electricity charges when installing this light. It has a long life, and numerous tests have proved that self luminous exit signs are best to place in emergency situations.

The best part of self luminous emergency exit signs is that it works without electrical energy and does not require battery or power source. There is no need to recharge or change the battery once in a while. It performs excellently even during the conditions where there is a power failure. It works using the Tritium sign technology. It helps to illuminate light for a distance of about one hundred feet.

When you stand in that distance and look, you will be able to see a clear green exit light. The exit terms are created using tritium gas. It has been in use for the last thirty years but has gained popularity in the recent years. There is no need to maintain or show additional attention for this exit sign. It works excellently in all types of areas and climatic conditions. It does not require electrical maintenance. When you install this exit sign, you can remain peace of mind and free of tension. It will perform its function on its own. It is easily available at all stores. The price is reasonable when compared to other latest lights.

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