Tips For Caring Your New Pet Rat

rat care

Having a rat as a pet can be great fun. However, rat requires lots of attention and care from the owners. Failing to provide proper care could result in sickness and health issues. If you are the new owner of a pet rat, then you would like to get some advice on rat car. You can search the Internet to find the rat care 101 tips. You can either browse the net or take a few minutes to read this article for more info on rat care.

They Need Company
Rats require a company, and hence you should avoid leaving a rat to stay alone in a cage. You can have the rat in pairs. If you want to avoid unwanted baby rats, make sure that you have only same-gender rats. Rats can frequently breed that they can get pregnant within 24 hours after giving birth. Rats can start breeding quickly, after five weeks old, giving birth up to 8 or more babies each time.

Buy From Hygienic Places
It is always better to buy the rats from a good and reputable pet shop. Make sure that the baby rat you buy is at least six weeks older. It is also necessary to check that the pet shop environment and other animals are kept clean. Pets can easily contract diseases from other animals. If you are buying the rat from the unhygienic place, then rat has more chance of having the disease.

After you bring the rat to home from the shop, give them enough time to get adapted to the new environment. Avoid the children from handling the rat.

Apt Cage
It is important to choose the nice cage for the rat. It is always better to choose a bigger and taller cage, which can provide plenty of space to jump move and play around. Always buy a cage that is meant for rat and avoid the cages that are designed for the hamster or other animals. It is better to choose the cage with sides made of wires, which offer both visibility and ventilation. The floors of the cage should be strictly solid and not wired or grated. The rats’ paws are tender, and they require solid and even flooring. The grated floors can injure the paws significantly.

Litter Train
You can also litter train your rat to make the cage look cleaner. It is also necessary to place a nest box inside the cage, where the rat can sleep and rest comfortably. Making the bed of shredded paper can be a great idea.

Rats are omnivores, and they enjoy eating various types of foods, which include vegetables, grains, and dry dog foods. Providing clean and fresh water is a must for your rats. Most importantly, you should avoid overfeeding your rats.

Rats can get sick, and you should have a look at rats’ activities regularly to detect the symptoms at the earliest. Rats are more prone to getting serious respiratory diseases. Symptoms like red discharge around the nose and eyes should be addressed quickly. Rats need some playtime and entertainment outside the cage. Before you allow the rat to get out from the cage, make sure that room is made rat proof.

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